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Cocker Spaniels make excellent pets for anyone looking for an obedient, good-natured and loyal breed of dog. As with any breed, Cocker Spaniel puppies are playful, full of energy and great fun to be with and they grow into quite […]

Dogs sometimes feel the need to help us navigate to our/their favourite destination when we’re travelling by car. Many of us have had the ‘pleasure’ of a helpful dog shouting out instructions from the back of our vehicle ‘The park! […]

The easy way to train your puppy to sit. This video tutorial by positive dog trainer Victoria Stilwell teaches you how to train your puppy to sit. It’s simple and effective. [truedelay videoloc=”” vid=”aIdKdba_Wmo” introloc=”” ivid=”HzEuMAuGhj0″ bt=”no” payment_link=”” redirect_url=”” logo_url=”” […]